5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Network IP Video Security System

If the features of analog cameras and IP video security cameras are compared, then you will find out that Network IP video security cameras are far better than others. They have a multi megapixel resolution and can easily integrate within any existing network. Be it a small business or a large one, Network IP Video security systems are widely used for monitoring purpose in both.

All major brands, including Hikvision, take care to ensure that the cyber vulnerabilities do not compromise on the security of their products. However, in order to cope up with security concerns, it is better that you know about the 5 questions that must be asked before you buy a network IP security camera:

  1. What Are the Most Common Features of Network IP Camera?

Some of the best features of Network IP Camera that you must definitely not miss are as below:

  • Several options for video compression
  • A wide dynamic range, motion detection
  • 3D digital noise reduction
  • Video analytics
  • Alarm outputs and inputs

Always remember to purchase a security camera that is well suited to your business needs.

  1. What Is the Ideal Image Resolution Required for IP Network Camera?

The type of image resolution that you require usually depends on the type of security application and its location. IP cameras are known to offer an image resolution, which is more by 25 percent. Usually, you can choose an image resolution of 5 megapixels. This resolution can be useful in capturing the faces of people and can also be used for recognising the license plates of vehicles.

  1. What Is the Power Source for IP Cameras?

IP cameras generally make use PoE(Power over Ethernet) for both data and power. They come equipped with this Ethernet. It simplifies and facilitates the steps for installation and also reduces the costs of cabling. If the IP camera that you buy does not have a PoE, then you have to make use of a separate cable for power.

  1. What Other Devices along with Network IP Camera Would Be Needed to Complete the Surveillance System?

Most IP Video systems have a video management software that can help you integrate essential devices like lighting, alarms, temperature controls for environment and access control systems. All the devices that you want to integrate with your camera must be done through VMS.

  1. Do IP Cameras Save on Bandwidth?

Yes, IP cameras save on bandwidth by reducing the size of the video file. The bandwidth of the network gets optimized along with its storage capacity. At the same time, they also maintain the quality of the image.

Post Author: Roosevelt Hildebrandt