What are the advantages of the hardware video conferencing system

Hardware video conferencing to software video conferencing system as a reference comparison, the advantages of hardware video conferencing is mainly reflected in four aspects: a good QoS guarantee mechanism to support a wide range of communication networks, high integration, with high security and stability Sex and so on. This is the hardware video conferencing by the majority of groups to receive the reasons, the following we will be a comprehensive analysis of the four aspects of the hardware video conferencing features.

First, has a good QoS guarantee mechanism Hardware video conferencing can support RSVP, DiffServ and other QoS technology, and through various types of the underlying control and processing technology to protect the video conferencing in the network quality is not good environment to run well. In the case of

Second, support a wide range of communication networks

Hardware video conferencing can also support H.323 and H.320 two system standards, can be adapted to the green or Ethernet network transmission conditions.

Third, high integration

Hardware video terminal can provide a variety of video and audio interface and network communication interface, and some also built-in video matrix function, in use only need to connect peripheral audio and video input / output devices and access the network, you can use. Hardware multi-point control unit (MCU) can be integrated multi-screen segmentation, T.120 data services, GK, digital mixing and other hardware modules, the integration is much better than the software system used in multiple servers running together.

Fourth, with a high degree of security and stability

Embedded architecture inherently have good anti-virus capabilities, the network spread more than 99% of the virus can not attack the embedded system. DSP-based processor design allows hardware video conferencing equipment has a very low power consumption and good stability, some high-end hardware and video conferencing equipment also has a key processing unit backup, redundant cooling, hardware AES encryption, firewall and other functions, To further protect the system’s security and reliability, to achieve the network 7 × 24 hours of continuous operation.

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