The best GoDaddy  super bowls commercials

The best Go Daddysuper bowlscommercials always bring in mixed reactions -from boring to thrilling .  They put extra meat to enthuse audience. But it is still worth critically analysing them which is in existing for the 12 years.

The ‘Shower’ commercial from Super Bowl 2009

The fantasy of three teenagers glued to the computer screens suddenly imaginesDanica Patrick taking a shower with their German teacher. And the climax was that the German teacher rubbing the back of Danica’s.

The ‘Exposure’ commercial from Super Bowl 2011

The beaver comparison to women’s private parts did not go well either.

Danica Patrick says that GoDaddy’s services give her all the exposure she needs.

The Puppy Commercial during Super Bowl 2015

The lost puppy appearing online for resales attracted ire for animal lovers and this was withdrawn.

Switching to Politics for Super Bowl 2016

Caricaturing Trump and Clinton debate was a classic whic can be watched at

The ‘Body Paint’ commercial from Super Bowl 2012

Painting on a female model’s body with GoDaddy logos and interesting phrases such as ‘get noticed’.  That was to underline GoDaddy’s web hosting advantage.

The famous GoDaddy kissing commercial from Super Bowl 2013

One of the most controversial and memorable ads that GoDaddy has ever released is the kissing commercial.

GoDaddy commercials shock

The purpose of the kissing commercial is to represent two sides of GoDaddy, the smart side and the attractive side.

The independent entrepreneur commercial that aired during the 2nd quarter of Super Bowl 2014

Unlike some of the previous GoDaddy commercials which featured bikini models, this GoDaddy commercial is about a female entrepreneur.

The actor John Turturro enters her apartment and sees what Gwen really loves doing. Once the camera gets to Gwen, she proudly announces that she is quitting her job. Her proud announcement is aimed at her boss.


Post Author: Robert Ortiz