4 Aspects to Quality Warehouse Management Software

It doesn’t matter what type of company you have or how much business you do, managing it takes a lot of patience and foresight.  Some are easier than others but if you work in distribution or manufacturing, these management tasks could involve organization the operations of a warehouse.  Fortunately, technology can help to make a […]

How to Solve Your Patch Management Crisis

Did you know that many computer networks are vulnerable because one simple thing is being overlooked? You may believe that if your anti-virus software and firewall are up to date and your passwords are secure that your computer is safe. However, the biggest threat has nothing to do with any of that – it is […]

How to Convert PDF file to Word Online?

I think this mostly happen with all IT people.  When they deal with clients through emails, they have transfer files regularly to each other and it is possible that clients send reports or any other important document using a PDF file and it doesn’t supports your laptop or computer, and now you cannot ask for […]

Disadvantages Of Utilizing A Totally Free Billing Software

Tracking of your time and billing efficiently works well for streamlining billing activities. Especially, should you own or manage a small company and have an occupation that needs timely recording of hrs and quick generation of invoices, you already know just how much important it’s with an effective and efficient billing system. Since billing may […]

Agile Methodologies as well as their Appropriateness for big Enterprises

Typically, the waterfall model can be used by companies to build up applications where disparate but distinct stages from the overall process operate in silos. However, this model has its own shortcomings when client needs change frequently mirroring the emerging market dynamics.   The paradigm of Agile Testing has become the solution to this type […]

Can Functional Testing Get The Enterprise Application Market-ready?

Quality is just about the cornerstone associated with a software development and release process, because it effortlessly distinguishes an efficiently performing application from the mediocre application. Hence, it is advisable to ensure quality with rigorous testing of software modules. It’s a key task that no Quality Assurance person can ignore. Among the numerous tests carried […]