How to Choose a Voltage Transformer

So you have discovered that you have single voltage device. Now you will need a transformer to enable you to use it overseas. If you are going to power your device with a transformer, you should utilize the below tips.

The first thing you should be aware of is that most transformers are quite bulky compared to an ordinary plug adapter. The reason for this is that they contain a lot of hardware inside. People that travel out of the country for a week or more are the ones that purchase them. They are needed when you have to carry you most valued appliances that you cannot do without.

You Need to Understand Wattage

Before purchasing a transformer 110v to 220v device, you will need to understand the wattage of the device you use. The wattage is usually indicated on the label that comes with your transformer. It is the number before the letter ‘W’ on the label. When purchasing the transformer, ensure that it has a rating, which is at least double the wattage of your device. It ensures that you are able to convert safely. For instance, if you have a 500W device, ensure that the transformer 110v to 220v is rated at least 1000W. If you buy a transformer with fewer watts than your device, it will not work.

 Compact voltage converter for travel

Some Electronics Require a Huge Initial Surge

Some items require a huge surge of electricity when powering on. For instance, laser printers, TVs, and power tools; for these types of devices, you will require a transformer that has a wattage rating that is at least three times that of your device. If the wattage is not indicated, it is very easy to find it. You simply need to multiply the voltage with the amps (A). The figure you get is the wattage (W).

You May Need More than a Transformer

In some countries, electricity supply is quite unstable. The result is that power surges are quite common. In such a case, the delicate electronics of your device could be severely damaged. Depending on how much you value your device, you may need to purchase a voltage regulator.

The device, also known as a surge protector, helps to stabilize the voltage during conversion. To reduce the bulk of devices that you purchase, you should acquire a transformer with a built-in stabilizer. It is also quite easy to carry it than having two devices with you.

To know when you may require such an advanced device, you should look at the region of the world where you are going to be staying. If your trip will take you anywhere outside the industrialized regions of the world of Western Europe and North America, you will definitely need a surge protector.

Post Author: Lucjan Zaborowski