Disadvantages Of Utilizing A Totally Free Billing Software

Tracking of your time and billing efficiently works well for streamlining billing activities. Especially, should you own or manage a small company and have an occupation that needs timely recording of hrs and quick generation of invoices, you already know just how much important it’s with an effective and efficient billing system. Since billing may be the critical aspect for business income, it’s not recommended to consider chances making compromises using a low-quality system purely since it is free. If you’re a new comer to billing software, then choosing the proper one which for your company is difficult. An assessment from the software benefits and features must be assessed to know that is best appropriate for the business.


First, you should make a decision whether or not to put money into software or manage using the free versions. Not every one of these software programs allow efficient invoicing using the flexible options of issuing bills for multiple clients. Most software that’s free has couple of or limited features. If you wish to have full-fledged billing functions, then you may want to go for compensated time tracking and billing software programs.

User Access and Settings

Many free versions allow only small group of users to sign in and employ the machine concurrently. In such instances, you need to sign off to allow other users obtain access to the program. If you’re a manager accountable for a group of countless employees, you might need a choice of flexible discussing in tangible-time data together with your staff. Also sometimes, you might want to personalize user settings whether or not to provide your employees limited or full access. This function is just possible having a whole time tracking and invoicing system which not just enables multiple user access but enables to personalize the consumer rights.

Versatility in billing

For those who have several client to bill for or you share your merchandise with other people then your billing process isn’t straightforward. It may be complicated whether it requires invoice level split billing according to hrs with various billable rates. For example, sometimes you may want to charge 75% from the billable hrs in line with the percentage and also the rest in the predetermined fee. Or you might want to consider a number of expenses for various projects, including personal and professional inside your invoicing. This sort of versatility to personalize the invoice formats is usually difficult with free versions of billing software.


Data retrieval

Another essential aspect would be to check how flexible may be the software in fetching the information. Let’s assume you need to affect the billable rate for the client which you’ll need search facility to obtain all of the previous customer records. Sometimes the only real detail you’ve along with you may be the telephone number from the client. With free softwares, the information search criteria is going to be restricted to particular fields but might not exercise for fields like phone or address search.

Free billing software miss many product features

With free billing versions, you can’t expect enhanced features as the majority of them support only limited functionality. Sometimes, you might require additional email features to transmit invoices to multiple business users for approval from the bill amount. Or possibly you may want to include a lot of a customer record that is important to your company. Such versatility in invoicing activity isn’t feasible with free versions. Quality in invoicing, and billing software can make things seamless towards the users while managing time tracking and invoicing process. Also, make sure the software that you simply select has backup capability to safeguard the information from unauthorized records and security breaches.

Robust Reporting

Aside from tracking billable & non-billable hrs, a billing software should behave as a task tracker, maintaining your records of project activities, employees billable time on several projects, pending charges and expenses for projects, etc. With this, companies might need to generate and personalize several kinds of reports to judge various project aspects. Free versions of software offer limited reporting because they might not be capable of create reports which are unique for your business process. Free software application will deny the productivity and cost inclusion of an extensive solution.

Interfacing along with other popular software

The majority of the free versions claim themselves as holistic solutions, but they don’t integrate along with other software. Very couple of of these will have a way to talk with others and integrate along with other software like CRM. An excellent billing software programs are extremely powerful in consolidating the information from various processes. The program reduces administrative workloads for that companies and minimizes the situations that need redundant data entry.

Might not support cloud based solutions

Free software application might not support cloud-based billing in which the users can login everywhere and appearance the status of the a / r. Freedom to data access is among the appealing options having a quality invoicing system. You can remain linked to their data & documents virtually from the place, generate instant invoices on the run and send them through email straight to the customer.

Free may mean limited or no technical support

Also, if you’re a new comer to using billing systems, you very well may take some assistance to guide with the system. Since free invoicing systems charge no revenue for that software, they hardly provide support for his or her products. Whenever you face a problem, you need to struggle alone to solve it instead of expect the aid of the program company. It’s precisely the possible lack of tech support team service that separates the disposable products from compensated solutions.

Also, avoid free versions of billing software

There are lots of free versions of billing software which are purely meant to promote greater versions. Within the free version, there’s a restricted functionality, and when it’s incorporated with bigger packages, the merchandise have a high cost tag. These software’s might not address your particular time tracking and invoicing needs and might not be appropriate to depend upon for performing critical tasks. Regrettably, as an entrepreneur, you won’t be complacent with the caliber of free versions. For time tracking and invoicing, it is best to select something that a lot more focused on quality and billing versatility.

Post Author: Roosevelt Hildebrandt