Expat gambling by Storm International CEO

Gambling is one of the favorite pastimes for the people in different parts of the world but there are some countries in which gambling is considered illegal. However, there are considerable numbers of people in those countries who thanked CEO of Storm international for making efforts for introducing casino gaming and gambling in their countries. According to the Darren Keane- Wikileaks revelation, Darren has raised the point of discussion on gaming legalization in Ukraine, where gaming is considered illegal. CEO along with the company management evaluated the gaming trend as positive and tried to convince the ruling government for the legalization of gaming industry including establishments of casinos and legalization of gambling.

Another initiative by Darren

Darren aimed at promoting the gaming and entertainment facility across the world.  Thus, he keeps ion taking certain initiatives of starting a casino or hotel casino in various countries especially those where gaming is outlawed. He established super luxurious casinos with more than thousands of slot machines in one casino for uninterrupted gaming.

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A major initiative of CEO, Darren Keane Storm International is founder of Moscow’s Expat Football League in 2003.  This league was one of the great places for expat sports organization that run for a longer time. It allows the expats to participate in the football match and play with same zeal and enthusiasm as if they play any other sports. Similar, to the Moscow’s Expat Football Russia Football Turkey football League, expat premier league and many more leagues are also a part of his initiative for promoting gaming industry.

Taking care of the social responsibility

He was in Ireland when a minister promised to his people that soon his government will be providing home to the homeless.  After the announcement, Keane mentioned that it is not an easy task to provide home to more than 4000 homeless. There is a need of a strong support system for meeting this social responsibility and he is ready for the charity to meet the government’s target.

Post Author: Lucjan Zaborowski