How to Convert PDF file to Word Online?

I think this mostly happen with all IT people.  When they deal with clients through emails, they have transfer files regularly to each other and it is possible that clients send reports or any other important document using a PDF file and it doesn’t supports your laptop or computer, and now you cannot ask for file in other format as they are your precious clients and you can’t disturb them for small things. So what is the solution?

There is a solution guys. Just go to Google and type PDF to Word Online and you job is done.

How it works?

Believe me it’s very simple, just follow my simple guide and you can easily do it later on.

  • First of all, download your PDF file and keep it ready in your desktop.
  • Now, open the above mentioned URL and click on the choose file option there.
  • The next step is to select your PDF file which you want to convert in word format, and upload it there. If you have uploaded a wrong file, don’t worry you will have an option to change the file.
  • Now all set? Click on the convert now button, and wait till it loads till 100%.
  • Your job is done. Now, you have option to download there or email or you can also save it in your Dropbox.
  • You will have a complete file in a new word format. Isn’t it so easy?


It is fact that, you will have many options to edit the file easily in word format compare to PDF format. Thanks to such online converter tools, otherwise we had to suffer a lot and install a Adobe PDF for getting a PDF file supports to our system. Though it will be tough to edit.

Post Author: Robert Valenzuela