How To Take YouTube Videos On Mac?

The reputation of online videos is growing rapidly and online users are watching videos to their heart’s content. No matter if it is a memories, entertainment, education, news, birthday party or a DIY video, it is all available over the internet. It is now easy to watch the videos online in one go or divide a clip and save it to watch later. You will have doubts about the ways to take such YouTube clips on your Mac. Using the software that acts, like a genuine tool to perform it within no time, using very less effort. How to capture such videos? We can consider several tools to get an idea about which parameter would you choose for the videos on YouTube.

Capturing YouTube videos on Mac using Airy

It is easy to capture YouTube videos on Mac with Airy. Airy is the app used in Mac, which lets you choose the resolution and format to download and also helps in extracting the video sounds before proceeding to download.

For capturing YouTube videos on your Mac, follow the points given below.

  1. To capture YouTube videos first copy the YouTube url and paste it in the Airy window:

You can download some videos at the same time using the Airy’s licensed version. For making it very simple, copy the links to the text editor, choose and paste the links in an Airy window.

  1. You can select the download format, which helps in extracting the soundtrack of the video by opting for the MP3 format.

Tip: Check which player app or device is ideal for playback, the lesser the display screen of the device, the lesser would be the resolution. The devices with a large screen can play HD videos on its large screen.

  1. Hit Download

The videos are saves in the folder for downloads automatically for navigating with the help of a magnifying glass icon in your Airy. You can switch the place for the downloads using app preferences and for single files. The Airy menu helps you clear both the pending and active downloads list.

Download Videos in YouTube in web browsers


There is an extension for YouTube5 on this browser that help in downloading streaming videos directly on Vimeo, Facebook and YouTube. Choose video formats such as 1080p to 360p in the Preferences option and select Extensions to find YouTube.


It has many add ons for capturing YouTube videos for Mac. Click the install to choose the video format for download.


The Chrome has add ons like FastestTube to download the videos and supports FLV and MP4 formats too.

Post Author: Roosevelt Hildebrandt