Important Things You Should Know About Bongs

As more and more States start legalizing cannabis use, many individuals are trying this substance for the first time. Many are unaware of just how to utilize the equipment that comes along with cannabis use. We are going to go over the important things that you should know about bongs to help you get a better grasp on how to smoke marijuana.

Bong Anatomy 

Get out your pen and paper because it’s time for your anatomy lesson. Before you can use a bong, you need to know how to use it. This involves understanding the parts that make it into the bong that it is.

Bongs can be made out of many different materials, including glass, metal, bamboo, plastic, or wood. The all have six main components. These include the mouthpiece, smoke chamber, carb hole, bowl, downstem, and base. You can see all of these at Let’s look deeper into each one of these components below.

Bowl – This is the bulbous attachment where you put the cannabis. In most cases, the bowl will be removable from the bong.

Carb – The carburetor, or carb for short, is a small hole that allows the person using the bong to clear the smoke chamber. Some bongs have their own carb holes, while others have the bowl function as a slide out carb.

Downstem – The downstem is the slender hollow piece that runs from the bowl down to the water in the base. This is where the smoke travels down through to reach the water to percolate.

Base – This is the bottom part of the bong that holds the water. These come in many different shapes and sizes. The point of the base is to hold the water for the smoke to cool off as it moves towards the smoke chamber.

Smoke Chamber – Also referred to as the tube, this is the section that leads up to the mouthpiece. This is the chamber that fills with smoke as it rises out of the water from the base up to the mouthpiece. The chamber can come in many different sizes and shapes depending on the user’s preference.

Mouthpiece – This is the top portion of the bong where you place your lips. This is where you inhale the smoke from the bong at.

Now that you understand these necessary components of the bong, let’s jump into some things to consider when selecting the right bong for you.

What Makes A Bong Great? 

The ideal bong is different for every individual. There are tall smoke chambers and smaller ones. Depending on your lung capacity you may get a better hit off of a bong with a smaller smoke chamber than one with a larger one.

The material and style of your bong make a big difference. If you plan on using your bong at home by yourself, then a simple glass or plastic bong may be ideal. However, if you plan on using your bong with other people, a multi-chamber bong may be more appropriate.

Post Author: Robert Ortiz