The main parameters of the character of the game, their characteristics

Before starting the game, each participant is obliged to choose a suitable character for him, from which the entire game process will depend in the future. Beginners and experienced players very often turn to the help of our team to gain a boost to the level of the character boost wow. It provides an opportunity to significantly increase the level without spending a huge amount of money and time.

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The main parameters that the character owns are the following:

  • Force. During the battle at close range, the attack power rises, and also increases the number of strokes that you can take over.
  • Dexterity. When ranged, increases attack power. And also increases the armor, the chance to cause a crushing blow and the ability to dodge.
  • Endurance. This parameter increases the life of the character.
  • Intelligence. Increases the chance of striking and healing with a spell. Increase skills in handling weapons of various types. If you use two of its types, the damage dealt to the enemy will be greater, but a stronger weapon will need to be held in the main hand.
  • Spirit increases the speed of mana regeneration and the life of your character during and after the fight.

Unique your character can become thanks to the system of talents. They appear after reaching the tenth level by pressing the necessary keys.

Each chosen character has the ability to protect himself from magical spells. There are two ways to do this. This possibility is affected by your level at which you are at a certain point in the game.

In the game of World of Warcraft, the character can die. But at the same time live like a spirit or a ghost. But he can also rise again. This can help certain classes that have the ability to resurrect (druid, shaman).

During the rest, the player gains experience to fight monsters. At this time, the character can learn the trade or chat with other players in the game.

Your attitude depends on your reputation. Having its high level at certain stages of the game, you will have the opportunity to buy certain things, recipes. You can check its status by pressing the desired key.

When you reach certain levels, you will have new abilities and opportunities.

  • At the 40th – learn how to ride a horse and be able to start a mount.
  • At the 60th – having a sufficient amount of money you can buy a very fast animal (epic), which will increase the speed of your movement in two.

Banks in the game play the same role as in real life. They store treasures, different objects, products. If there is not enough space, you can buy it.

A huge number of different items will be available only when you reach the level necessary for this. You can find it by pointing to an item with the cursor. If it is red, you cannot use it. You can raise it with wow boost. After that, many options will be available.

Having considered all the features of the character’s parameters and choosing the right one, you can safely proceed to the game.

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