Why So Many Companies Are Migrating to The Cloud

Just like in your home, over time you collect things that you deem important, but eventually, there comes a time when the space is not adequate enough to hold onto everything. So you have a choice of either getting rid of the non-essentials or moving to a bigger house. With businesses, more and more have decided to invest in cloud migration over their previous storage methods; as it allows them to hold onto the information they need without having to purchase additional physical storage. There are numerous benefits to choosing cloud migration over physical storage for the modern business and the biggest benefits are as follows:


Cloud migration gives businesses a way to solve their storage problems and much more. One thing that many people don’t realize is that as well as being a useful storage option businesses are also able to transfer their communications such as the phone systems. Taking out a phone contract is usually something that accrues a standard cost plus extras, but with cloud migration, they are only charged for what they use. This is extremely useful for remote and smaller businesses, as they also save on the installation of a phone line and maintenance of the traditional system itself.

As well as saving money on phone lines and storage you can also outsource IT support to the provider of your cloud migration. Being able to outsource means that you do not need a tech team on hand around the clock to manage the communications systems, just outsource for when you need it.

Scalability Capabilities

Modern businesses can grow pretty fast but with some having regular seasonal peaks it’s important to have a system that can be scaled both up and down rather than paying for an extensive service all year round. With cloud migration businesses have the capability to scale up and down when they need to. This means you don’t have to worry about expansions or paying for a service you will not uses during quieter periods, saving you more money. New features can be added easily without the need for additional hardware; so it’s a communications system and storage facility that grows with you.


Thanks to a cloud migration service, such as CloudEndure, covering all your needs, you only have to deal with one vendor rather than many. As you can outsource specific tasks, you can free up your own staff to take on any high priority jobs rather than them being tied up managing the system.

On Demand Updates

Outsourcing through cloud migration you don’t have to worry about making time for upgrades and updates. This is all taken care of automatically and business can resume as normal while the updates take place.

Higher Quality Service

Because downtime is minimized you will not have to turn away customers during system updates. Even problems within the business building itself will not affect your ability to communicate with customers as cloud storage allows you to work remotely. Business customers also benefit from lower prices for premium resources due to the fact that many people are using cloud migration so the price is considerably lower than buying a standalone system.

Disaster Protection

The thought of there being a disaster with computer systems is something that most business owners worry about. By choosing cloud migration, protection is provided as part of the service allowing you to either continue to run with backed up systems or a faster recovery by re-routing of calls to cell phones or other computers off site.

 Ease of Use

Cloud migration might be something that sounds complex, however, it actually is very intuitive to use and employ. Everyone is able to collaborate on your team wherever they are in the world; and this will ensure you don’t have people working on the same thing when there is no need to, increasing productivity.


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