How To Prevent Leaky Vape Tanks

We’ve all been there when our vape pen or vaporizer had that trickling leak with an aromatic scent of your e-liquid slipping out. Although this isn’t the end of the world, it can get quite irritating. The constant need to wipe away the excess liquid with soap and water so it doesn’t remain sticky. The waste of e-liquid can be enough to really send you over the edge.

Well, today you won’t have to worry about another leaky vape tank again. We are going to share with you our top tips to prevent these leaks. Pay close attention and you won’t have to ever worry about losing your e-liquid or feeling that frustration ever again.

Fill The Tank Correctly 

No one really likes admitting to themselves that they may be at fault for their frustrations, but sometimes it’s necessary to move on with things. Some users are making the simple mistake of not filling their vaping tank correctly. You want to make sure you are avoiding getting any liquid in the central tube.

One great tip to ensure that you only get the e-liquid into the tank is to tilt it sideways as you are pouring. This will make sure that the liquid doesn’t come anywhere near that central tube. When you fill up the clear tank be sure to leave a little air room at the top. This will allow a suction effect to keep the remaining liquid within the canister. If you need a new vape pen you can get one at

Avoid Not Tightening Components Correctly 

This is another common mistake that people make with their vaping equipment. They simply don’t tighten everything up, which leaves room for unwanted leakage of e-liquid. You should pay careful attention to make sure you get the atomizer head correctly secured onto the base. In addition, when you attach the base to your tank, be sure you are fastening it correctly so all the threads are tight.

When tightening be sure not to overtighten and damage the seals. You will notice there are some small o-ring seals on your vaporizer. These are to help give a tight seal for the liquid. If you overtighten your equipment, it could put too much pressure on the seals and cause them to become faulty. This can result in leaking liquid.

Make Sure The Tank Is Always Upright 

It’s very easy just to lay the vaporizer down when you are not using it. However, you should avoid holding the tank at any angle other than upright. As you use the vaporizer fluid it creates more of a possibility for the fluid to seep out of the pen. Avoid this problem by simply keeping your pen in the upright position. This is so simple to do but many people overlook its importance to your overall vaping experience.

By going through this checklist of potential problems, you can be assured to find the solution to your leaking vape tank and fix it quickly.


Post Author: Robert Valenzuela