How technology is changing the machining world

With the introduction of the computer-based cutting machine, the production world has been turned upside down on its head, which to be honest is awesome.

How so?

One of the biggest reasons why it is an awesome feat that the production world has been turned upside down, is that we are now able to manufacture and produce products which are so precise that a cut can be accurate to a Nano-meter, meaning that besides from the thickness of the cutting material, if the dimensions where entered correctly then there is no chance that these machines will never be inaccurate with their production and cutting of materials.

One of the main reasons why it is so important to make use computer operated machines is that as a manufacturing plant, the amount of human error in that item being produced will be kept to a minimum.

The only ugly side of machines being used to replace human artesian workers is that those works most often than not end up losing their jobs and end up opening their own businesses or finding another job in another business sector.

So how has technology impacted the machinery industry?

The use of industrial machinery has always been around, and before technology was introduced into the machinery game, everything was done by hand, so the metal punches worked on a weighted system and carving and cutting were done by hand.

When the first examples of technology came into play it was in the form of electric hand tools and drill presses, a simple concept that is still used today.

Next came the introduction of presses, rollers and other tools where they came with a master controller or remote where the user would enter their measurements or cut plain and the rest is was done by the machine.

The way that this worked was the instructions were imported and then were sent to the micro-controller built into the machine, which would then make sure that all the other components in the machine moved at the same time and got the task done.

This method still required human input and allowed quite a bit of error to be made if the person operating the machine wasn’t focusing.

To help minimize the effects of human error, technology adapted to incorporate the use of personal computers and computer programs to make sure that there was little to no human error.

 The introduction of computer-aided design

One of the biggest innovations which is still being used the introduction of machine running off CAD-based software to allow machines like CNC laser cutters and 3D routers to create designs which would take weeks to produce by hand, but when on the machine these designs can take hours and be 100% accurate to the program that the machines received.

CAD has allowed designers and production factories to make expand their range of products and even make use of other designs by importing the correct file type and then you set the machine to go and there you have it.

Thanks to technology we are able to increase production rates and build and design new things that we have never been able to do before.

Post Author: Roosevelt Hildebrandt